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Brume & Pinocchio around the world

Welcome to Brume & Pinocchio around the world, our family travel blog!

We are Marcus and Johanne. In 2016, we undertook a sailboat journey around the world with our 7 kids and our dog, Brume, to discover the oceans, the islands, the people, the flora, the wildlife, the insects, the fishes, the culture, the music, the arts, the history and the flavors from faraway...

We've explored the St. Lawrence River and Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Atlantic islands, the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands, the Pacific islands and atolls, the glaciers and fjords of Patagonia and Alaska, the West Coast of Canada, USA and Mexico… We are now continuing our journey in the Marshall Islands!

This website will give you access to our adventure stories, articles on many aspects of offshore cruising, photos, videos and much more.

Discover, explore, dream!

You can now interact even more with us. Take part in our adventure and find out more about our long journey in some of the most remote corners of the globe! Follow us on the seas!

Our travelogues are published by Johanne, and even some of our young sailors.  Our travel stories novels since 2015 will eventually be available for purchase. 

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You will find all our videos since 2015 here! 

Follow our route on the oceans with this map that even shows a few photos. Also discover the liste of countries visited since 2016.

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