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Here is our itinerary since July 2016


July – Launching at Isle-aux-Coudres, Quebec, Canada

August – Departure from îles de la Madeleine, Quebec, Canada

August to September – 1st Transatlantic (20 days)

September to October – Acores, Portugal

November to January – Canary Islands, Spain


January – 2nd Transatlantic

February to March – Martinique

April – Les Saintes

May to July– Grenadines, Grenade

August to October – Curaçao

November to December – San Blas & Panama


January to February – San Blas & Panama

March to April – Gran Cayman

May to June – Bahamas

June – 3e Transatlantic

July to August – Azores, Portugal

September – Madera, Portugal

September – Agadir, Maroc

October – Canary Islands, Spain

November to December – 4th Transatlantic (52 days)

December to January – Mar del Plata, Argentina


January to March – East coast of Argentine + Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego

March to June – Puerto William, Fjords and channels of Chile, Patagonia, Isla Robinson Crusoe

June to July – Transpacific (43 days)

July to October – French Polynesia

October – Sailing towards the Line Islands

November to December – Christmas Island, Fanning Island, Canton, Republic of Kiribati


January to December – Atolls of Marshall Islands


January to April – Atolls of Marshall Islands

May to June – Transpacific

July to December – West Coast of British Columbia + Ucluelet, Canada


January to May – West Coast of British Columbia + Ucluelet, Canada

June to August – Alaska, USA

August to September – Sailing from Kodiak Island in Alaska towards San Francisco

September to October – San Francisco, Halfmoon Bay et Channel Islands, USA

October to December 2022 – Baha California + Mer de Cortez, Mexico


January to February 2023 – Transpacific, 50000 nautical miles towards the Marshall Islands

February to May 2023 – Marshall Islands (Majuro Atoll, Ailuk Atoll, Aur Atoll)